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Access the latest white papers from Osmose thought-leaders on various topics related to the utility industry. 

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55 Years of Reliable Restoration

This paper provides a brief history of the C-Truss steel restoration method and includes data on the re-inspection of over 117,000 restored poles.Read More


Is Your Structure Inspection Innovation Ready Yet?

This white paper provides an example of our rigorous approach to evaluating inspection innovations.Read More


How to Avoid the Unseen Grid Threat: Buckling.

The likelihood of buckling often is not fully appreciated or even detected, and can cause the most dangerous surprises.Read More


What's Holding Up Your Modern Smart Grid?

An aging wood pole plant from the 1950s. Why every utility should have a long-term plan to improve structural resilience.Read More



Steel Utility Structures: A System for Ensuring Resilience

Steel structures are an essential component of America's electric grid infrastructure. As they age, these structures require appropriate care.Read More