Understanding the Risks of Aging Steel T&D Assets

Osmose is the nation's leading provider of steel asset assessment and resiliency solutions. Our team of specialized field technicians, structural engineers, and corrosion specialists is here to ensure your structures can weather the next storm.  

We offer structure assessmentsasset life extensionresiliency modeling, and full structure restoration and upgrades. Talk to an Osmose professional today about how we can partner with you.


System Safety

We prepare your infrastructure to withstand the harshest environment.


Trusted Partners

Our goal is to ensure you take the right action at the right structure at the right time.

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Cost Effective

Our customers save up to 80% compared to the cost of replacing structures.


Comprehensive Solutions

Fast, cost-effective assessment, life extension, restoration, and upgrade solutions.


Technical Expertise

Experienced, PE-licensed engineers complete top-to-bottom assessments of each steel asset.

The Truth About Steel

The increasing occurrence and intensity of storm events have led to more stringent code regulations and have shown that steel structures are vulnerable when exposed to environmental loading in excess of their original design capacity.

Additionally, corrosion, storms, wildlife, and pollution are a few of the many elements that assail the integrity of steel structures. A complete structure and systemic approach are essential to maintaining grid strength, safety, reliability, and resiliency.

Steel tower above grade and groundline
bending tower

Steel T&D Assets Are at Risk of Nature’s Fury

Faced with an aging steel network and an ever-increasing number and severity of weather incidents, how can a provider achieve steel structure safety, reliability, and resiliency within the budgetary confines of the current regulatory landscape?

Osmose’s Steel Resiliency Solution is the answer.