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Underground Vault Inspection

Underground electric distribution systems exist in harsh environments, and as these systems age, conductors and equipment quickly deteriorate. Unmaintained vault systems can lead to loss of electricity in the lines which leads to customer power outages and loss of money.

Additionally, once significant deterioration happens there is potential for contact voltage, which can energize structures such as fences, scaffolding, street lights, and more. This alone causes a major safety concern to the public as touching these energized structures can lead to electrocution. In addition, degrading cable insulation often produces the fuel and faulted cables are commonly the ignition for manhole explosions.

Many public service commissions are now holding electric utilities accountable for these incidents, so vault inspection and mitigation are the best prevention.

Inspection and Mitigation

Vault Inspection Solution

When partnered with Osmose, our field technicians are trained to access underground vaults and manholes, perform data collection, execute routine maintenance activities, test for stray voltage, and check for hazardous conditions or other reliability concerns in or around the structure. Osmose can also perform a comprehensive inventory of internal equipment.

Collected data is used to update your geographic information system (GIS) or other data applications. Digital imagery or videos can be captured to supplement the inventory or inspection process reducing the effort of quality control and data acceptance, as well as providing a historical record of asset condition.

underground vault inspection
vault inspection

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