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Joint Use Administration

There is increasing pressure to respond more quickly or within a prescribed timeframe to regulatory agencies, applications for attachment, and other significant utility initiatives.  Osmose overhead inspection and design services helps fill a void many utilities are experiencing due to:

  • Reductions in workforce and increased workloads due to continued broadband/fiber build-outs
  • Increased focus on pole loading to reduce pole replacements
  • Permitting costs that are not always fully recovered
  • Reduced data accuracy from an irregular post-construction review
  • Demand to meet FCC-mandated timeframes

For more than 20 years, Osmose has been supporting network buildouts (wireless and wireline) on behalf of pole owners, engineering firms, and telecommunicaiton providers, as well as helping them optimize space on the structure.  

Our diverse project and technical experience enables us to implement solutions designed to provide accurate surveys, analysis, designs, effective communications and reporting, and timely completion of your key initiatives including:

  • Field Survey
  • Clearance Analysis
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Third Party Negotiations
  • Engineering Design
  • Pole Reinforcing
  • Construction Management
  • Post-Construction Audits


Osmose can help you manage and meet your deadlines with accurate, comprehensive analysis, and distribution design services, including:

  • Joint use and clearance audits, cost recovery, and billing

  • Pole loading analysis

  • Make-ready surveys, design, and cost estimating

  • Pole replacement design

  • Post-construction audits

  • Double wood remediation

  • Turnkey management of third party applications

  • Performing work management updates

  • Review of joint use agreements