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O-Calc® Pro Pole Loading Analysis Software

O-Calc Pro pole loading analysis screengrabAs the leading industry pole loading analysis (PLA) software, utilized by electric and telecommunication utilities and broadband providers throughout the world, Osmose’s O-Calc® Pro features an advanced user-interface and calculation tools to model and analyze pole structures made of wood, steel, composite, or concrete. O-Calc Pro models either as a single pole or a full line design. The software also simulates various weather scenarios, including hurricane-force winds or winter ice storms to help pole owners understand which poles are at risk during extreme weather. O-Calc Pro also provides various solutions to harden at risk structures – helping to make a more resilient grid.

For more than two decades, O-Calc Pro has been trusted by electric and telecommunication utilities and Osmose engineers to provide accurate models of pole owners, engineers, and contractors. The detailed analysis can give insights not only into structure loading and capacity but compliance with structures such as required code clearance.

O-Calc Pro is easy to use and is highly accurate in performing comprehensive pole loading analyses for joint use, equipment or line upgrades, system hardening, and pole replacement. You are in control when using O-Calc Pro, so you know your system is safe and resilient, which will save you time and money.

O-Calc Pro Features

Other pole loading software products cost more for many important feature sets. But O-Calc Pro comes equipped with everything you need to properly analyze structures and ensure grid resilience. Here are some of the powerful features included in each instance of O-Calc Pro:


  • Quickly model entire circuits with O-Calc Pro Line Design, placing structures according to real-world coordinates using standard geographic information system (GIS)
  • A powerful user interface including catalog-driven design, live interactive 3d model, and drag & drop functionality
  • Modeling of wood, steel, concrete, and composite poles and components
  • Modeling of multi-pole structures such as H-frames
  • Automatic wire tension loads
  • Complete tension and sag calculator
  • Tough Truss® selector Profile view of line-design
  • Automated clearance analysis
  • Strength reduction calculator
  • Customizable reporting
  • Heat map display of structures
  • Multiple master and user catalogs
  • Integration with Google Earth
  • Plugins supported to enable customization
  • Premium location modeling of service drops
  • GIS pole information import
  • Geospatial view of poles using public or private GIS layers

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Simplify Advanced Pole Loading Calculations

O-Calc Pro is compliant with all pertinent codes for NESC 2023, GO95, CSA 2020, AS/NZS 7000 and simplifies advanced finite element analyses that incorporate:

  • Pole and attachment attributes
  • Wind and ice loads
  • Guy system analysis
  • Thermal loads on cables and conductors
  • Batch analysis of each pole within the line
  • Advanced moment capacity modeling vs. height
  • Advanced span tension modeling vs. span length
O-Calc Pole Loading Calculations screengrab
O-Calc Pro - Digital Measurement Technology-min (1)

Digital Measurement Technology

A component of O-Calc Pro, Osmose Digital Measurement Technology is an image-based measurement tool that allows users to extract accurate measurements from digital images taken in the field. DMT utilizes an advanced photogrammetry engine to quickly produce accurate measurements which are applied directly to the model.

DMT was developed as an alternative to time-consuming traditional field measurements techniques, such as hot stick measurements and the use of surveying instruments. With DMT, O-Calc Pro users can extract the following measurements from digital images that contain a calibrated visual target:

  • Pole tip height
  • Attachment heights
  • Equipment sizes
  • Wire diameters
  • Line angle measurements
  • Relative measurements
  • Clearance measurements

O-Calc Pro Professional Services

The O-Calc Pro Line Design software package has a complete, standardized application programming interface (API) that enables the O-Calc Pro system to be enhanced or extended in various ways to meet your business processes and system integration needs.

The API is capable of integrating all your sources of data to make a complete model of your outside plant; a digital twin of your physical assets and electric network. With integration, model creation, pole loading analyses, and make-ready engineering can be facilitated directly from your LiDAR data.

The Osmose O-Calc Pro Professional Services Team has the specialized knowledge and expertise to fully integrate the O-Calc Pro system into your daily business processes. Our team has decades of experience working with electric utilities and telecommunication companies of various sizes to fully understand your current business and operation practices and to offer solutions to make your processes more efficient and streamlined.

The Osmose O-Calc Professional Services Team, coupled with the Osmose back-office Technical Service engineering and field crew teams, have all the necessary capabilities to augment your pole loading, clearance analysis, and make-ready engineering work.

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