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Joint Use Management

The Osmose Triple Play Solution

There is increasing pressure on pole owners to respond quickly to applications for attachment, effectively manage their joint use billing and attachment records, and efficiently remediate double wood scenarios. These challenges place a strain on the pole owners ability to respond with the expertise and resources required to efficiently manage their joint use business.

Osmose works with structure owners throughout the United States to design a three phased approach to improve and streamline their joint use programs. Each phase represents a standalone engagement that delivers measurable financial and operational improvement to your program while improving data accuracy, billing, and system safety. Data collected during each phase feeds the next, reducing trips to the field and lowering overall costs.

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Joint Use Audit

The traditional approach of collecting attachment information and simply updating billing is outdated and ineffective. Beyond the core effort of performing comprehensive field surveys, Osmose can quickly support the entire audit process by providing:

  • Rental agreement review
  • Cost recovery
  • Online mapping
  • Back billing
  • Clearance analysis
  • Data integration
  • Double wood remediation
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Double Wood and Violation Remediation

When a pole owner replaces a pole, all attachments, belonging to the pole owner as well as third parties, and equipment must be transferred to the new pole. When these transfers don’t occur in an efficient manner, the number of double wood poles may grow to an unmanageable volume and become an overwhelming task to remediate. Osmose can help pole owners address these challenges:

  • Identifying double wood and otherwise stranded pole conditions that exist in the field
  • Coordinating and managing transfer requests
  • Coordinating construction and managing the pole removal process
  • Completing construction invoicing and notification ticket closeout
  • Keeping database up-to-date, tracking instances of double wood, next to move status, and closeout when work complete
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Managing Third Party Make-Ready Applications

Pole owners are under pressure to respond quickly to regulatory agencies, third party applications for attachment, and other significant design initiatives. These challenges place a strain on pole owners to respond with the expertise required within prescribed timeframes, as well as third party applicants who may need to submit proper applications to gain approval to attach. Osmose can help manage and meet deadlines with accurate, comprehensive analysis and make-ready engineering services, including:

  • Application process review and streamlining
  • Efficient review of incoming applications for completeness
  • Make-ready field surveys, designs, and cost estimates
  • Pole loading analysis to help pole owners integrate into attachment process
  • Clearance analysis
  • Timely application reviews
  • Transfer coordination
  • Ensuring systems of record are updated properly (GIS, attachment records, work management)
  • Post construction audits

Why Choose Osmose for Your Joint Use Management Solutions?

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Osmose has hundreds of trained inspectors which can be deployed to meet the tightest of project timelines.

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Osmose visits millions of poles annually, proving Osmose has ability to scale to any size project.

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Osmose applies the latest technology to deliver accuracy required for our customers.

Osmose Innovative Tools and Technologies

Osmose has invested in innovative technology to help pole owners effectively manage their joint use programs. Our technology balances cost and efficiency, while successfully achieving pole owner program goals.


Osmose 360® for Joint Use Audit

Osmose 360 Joint Use Audit provides secure access to audit results and supports a unique cost-recovery process tying attachment invoices to specific map views showing each attaching company where they are located. Our online portal quickly highlights violations, identifies attachers, provides comprehensive pole details and images, and drives quick remediation between attachers and pole owners.


Osmose 360® for Joint Use Apply

Osmose 360 for Joint Use Apply is designed to provide pole owners a common platform for attachers to submit and track applications for attachment. Combined with easy-to-read status dashboards and reports, our innovative portal ensures all stakeholders are fully connected throughout the attachment process, eliminating confusion about status and allowing for easy monitoring of performance and deadlines.



OsmoVision is an industry-leading technology solution designed to effectively transform accurate LiDAR point clouds, pole images and GPS into actionable data to improve the integrity and reliability of your distribution network and to improve the application for attachment process for telecommunication providers.

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