O-Calc® Pro Training

Private Training Seminars

For those interested, Osmose also offers private, in-person training sessions and private, web-based training sessions.  If you are interested in scheduling private training at your office, please contact Darlene Potter at 716.319.3423 or dpotter@osmose.com

Two-Day Public Training Seminars

Over the course of two days, gain a comprehensive understanding of O-Calc Pro features, including multi-pole structures, digital measurement technology (DMT), O-Calc LE, and features from the recent O-Calc Pro V5.03 release.  Instruction begins at 8:00 AM each day and concludes at 4:00 PM.  Seminars are $495 per person and include lunch.  Topic areas for each seminar include:

  • Default settings, layout, file storage, catalogs
  • Modeling poles, including span options, load cases, crossarm assemblies, guys, and anchors
  • Using bundle editor
  • Tension and sag calculator
  • Digital measurement technology (DMT)
  • Viewing and interpreting reports, and more

January 9-10
San Diego, CA



To register for any of the above training seminars, email or call Darlene Potter at 716.319.3423 or dpotter@osmose.com. Dates and locations will be added as information becomes available.