Pole Replacement Design

Osmose can integrate pole replacement design into your current pole inspection program and provide experienced technicians and designers, armed with engineering tools, to support the turnkey design of pole replacements. We customize our processes and deliverables to seamlessly integrate with your work management systems and procedures.

Common pole owner challenges include:

  • Struggling to meet internal or mandated timeframes for replacement of reject poles
  • Multiple hand-offs between internal departments to support current workflow

Pole replacements, overloaded poles, and reject poles require engineers and designers to create a work order and design in order for crews to replace the pole. Osmose integrates this solution with your pole inspection program to seamlessly take you from an inspection to a construction-ready work order. Osmose can:

  • Manage a full turnkey process incorporated with your pole inspection program
  • Leverage the inspection field visit to also collect engineering data
  • Reduce costs and avoid backlogs of poles requiring replacement
  • Provide technicians on and off-site who can more cost-effectively tackle  your pole replacement design work
  • Coordinate transfers with your licensees, including notifications and make-ready

This proven strategy drives business value as renewed focus and ownership is applied to managing your pole assets while freeing up utility personnel to focus on the core tasks essential to running your business. 

Efficient Electric Pole Replacement

Assets lined up for electric pole replacement require immediate attention to prevent backlogs and service disruption to end consumers. Osmose improves the time to build by incorporating pole replacement design solutions into the inspection phase.

Utility owners are assured of expert handling throughout the entire process, from conducting field surveys to creating designs aligned with owner standards to releasing construction work orders.

Inspection integrated with design capabilities can reduce your pole replacement cost while also enabling your employees to focus on core operations.

Use Our Capabilities and Deliverables to Save on Utility Pole Replacement Cost

Save time, effort, and energy when you leverage Osmose’s expertise in electrical pole replacement. Our work order deliverables include:

  • GIS/ERP/asset management updates
  • Summary cost estimate/bill of materials
  • Construction work order (in WMS)
  • Construction sketch
  • Permitting
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) permits
    • Locate services
    • Environmental

Additional Deliverables

  • Structural analysis (software and services)
  • Maintenance work order management
  • Joint use notification and management
  • Double wood management/removal

To learn more, call your local Osmose professional.  Not sure who your local professional is?  Email poleinfo@osmose.com to find out.