Industry Involvement

At Osmose, our goal is to encourage innovation and advance knowledge to better serve our customers.  To facilitate these goals, Osmose employees regularly participate in and serve on a number of committees and task groups.

Organization Participant Involvement
ASTM Kevin Niles Member of G01 (Corrosion of Metals)
Member of G01.10 (Corrosion in Soils)
AWPA Doug Herdman Chairman of P-1 (Preservatives, Revision of Standards
Advisor to Executive Committee
Member of T-2 (Lumber & Timber)
Member of T-7 (Quality Control & Inspection)
Utility Users Task Group Representative
AWPA Randy Marquardt Member of the Executive Committee
AWPA Tom Pope Member of P-8 (Nonpressure Preservatives)
Member of P-9 (Nonbiocidal Wood Protection)
Member of S-3 (Treated Wood Use, Handling & Disposal/Recycle/Reuse)
Member of T-3 (Piles & Ties)
Member of T-4 (Poles & Posts)
Utility Users Task Group Representative
EEI  David Bonk Vice-Chairman of the Distribution Regulatory Working Group
Member of the Distribution Executive Committee
EEI John Kile Co-Chairman of the Transmission Executive Committee
NACE Kristopher Neighbor Vice-Chairman of TG 431 (Guide to Evaluation of Steel Pole Strength Loss from Corrosion)
NACE/IEEE   Kevin Niles Vice-Chairman of TG 538 (Self-Weathering Steel Standards)
Member of TG 529 (Atmospheric Inspection & Assessment)
Member of TG 431 (Guide to Strength Loss of Tubular Structures)
Member of TEG 473X (Power Generation & Delivery Ed. Roadmap)
NACE/IEEE John Kile Chairman of IEEE WG 12 / NACE TEC 368X (T&D Corrosion Management)


ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Grade 1 – Nate Cecil, John Kile, Donald Weimerskirk

ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician – Donald Weimerskirk

ACI Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector – Donald Weimerskirk

AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Certification - Kristopher Neighbor, P.E.

NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist – Kevin Niles

NACE Coating Inspection Professional, Level II – Nate Cecil, John Kile

NACE Coating Inspection Professional, Level I – Aaron Brantley, Nick Harrison, Donald Weimerskirk

NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist – Jonathan Miller