Make-Ready Survey & Design Engineering Services

Utilities, telecommunication providers, and engineering firms are all dealing with the growing workflow resulting from increased broadband buildout.  Osmose has the tools, processes, and expertise to help relieve the strain (for either pole owners or third party applicants) on your resources created by the increase of broadband construction initiatives.

Osmose Helps Pole Owners

  • Work within your existing GIS, work management, and notification tools

  • Prioritize and resolve application request backlogs

  • Provide fast, detailed, accurate analysis, and work designs that support your current workflow
  • Minimize risk through comprehensive pole loading to assess impact of new attachments
  • Provide a cost-effective, on-demand alternative to your current higher-cost, skilled engineering resources
  • Support individual components of your design processes or manage the entire process turnkey
  • Field Survey
  • Clearance Analysis
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Third Party Negotiations
  • Engineering Design
  • Pole Reinforcing
  • Construction Management
  • Post-Construction Audits


Osmose Helps Third Party Applicants

Given our expertise in utility pole condition and pole owner application requirements, Osmose can also assist third parties who need to gain application approval in a timely manner by performing the above steps on their behalf including:

  • Performing make-ready surveys, satisfying pole loading requirements, and identifying make-ready in support of delivering  complete, accurate application to the pole owner
  • Helping to lower overall project costs (through cost-effective make ready recommendations, trussing options to minimize pole replacements)
  • Support large build schedules by ramping up support to process high volumes of requests

make ready surveys


Post Construction Audits

Verifying the proper installation of equipment and cables on overhead structures and updating work management records to reflect the "as built" condition is a critical component of maintaining a safe and reliable system.


Osmose 360® for Joint Use

Osmose 360® for Joint Use is designed to provide pole owners a common platform for attachers to submit and track applications for attachment. Combined with easy to read status dashboards and reports, Osmose 360 for Joint Use ensures all stakeholders are fully connected throughout the attachment process, eliminating confusion about status and allowing for easy monitoring of performance and deadlines.



OsmoVision® is an industry-leading technology solution designed to effectively transform accurate LiDAR point clouds, pole images and GPS into actionable data to improve the integrity and reliability of your distribution network and to improve the application for attachment process for telecommunication providers. 

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