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Infrastructure Insight from Osmose

An e-newsletter from Osmose | Quarterly

Quarterly news on important topics related to infrastructure management:
Inspection  ·  Rehabilitation  ·  Engineering   |   Wood  ·  Steel  ·  Concrete 

Q1 March 2024

Featured Topic: Wood Life Extension

Download the case study and learn how a utility, like yours, used Osmose's wood life extension program to ensure they receive a reliable and affordable service.

Other topics:

  • Lattice Tower Collapse Case Study
  • Aerial Services
  • Structural Asset Health Index

Q4 December 2023

Featured Topic: Trusses

Read our latest study that reveals trussess improve performance, reduce damage, and extend remaining service life.

Other topics:

  • Joint Use
  • Padmount Inspection
  • Substation

Q3 September 2023

Featured Topic: Substation Services

Download the infographic to learn how our turnkey assessments, restoration, upgrades, mitigation, and grounding evaluations program reduce the risk of outages.

Other topics:

  • Storm Resiliency
  • Broadband 
  • Asset Resiliency

Q2 June 2023

Featured Topic: Broadband Deployment

With plenty of funding available for rolling out broadband nationwide, the next challenge is getting things done quickly. Find out how Osmose uses advanced technology to increase speed, accuracy, efficiency, and visibility.

Other topics:

  • Pole Top
  • Manhole Explosion
  • Steel Structure

Q1 March 2023

Featured Topic: Steel Assessment Program

MLGW partnered with Osmose to develop a cost-effective, risk reduction program. Read what the assessment revealed and Osmose's solution.

Other topics:

  • Fire Solution
  • Best Grid Asset Partner Guide
  • Infrared Inspection

Q4 December 2022

Featured Topic: Power Survey

Watch as ITN Business rides along with one of our Power Survey crews to scan for electrical faults before they become a public safety issue.

Other topics:

  • Turnkey Multi-Program
  • Broadband
  • Utility and Telco Partnership

Q3 September 2022

Featured Topic: Fire Asset Protection

Fires in the United States have been increasing in size and damage for the last 30 years. As the size and damage increased, so did the cost. Utility hardening programs should include fire protection as a key component.

Other topics:

  • Patented Pole Restoration
  • Grid Partnership eBook
  • Hurricane Season

Q2 June 2022

Featured Topic: Storm Resiliency

View this recorded webinar featuring subject matter experts, Aditya Srinivasan and Chad Newton, as they discuss new approaches to utility system resilience, starting with the foundational elements: Structural ResiliencyTM

Other topics:

  • Steel Pole Failure Solution
  • New FERC Ruling
  • Broadband Expansion

Q1 March 2022

Featured Topic: Osmose New CEO

In February 2022, Osmose welcomed Mike Adams as its new CEO. He brings more than 30 years of experience with GE Power, Alston Power, and recent leadership at NCR.

Other topics:

  • Resiliency as a ServiceTM
  • Energized Streetlights
  • Foundation Restoration