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Broadband Build Out and Make-Ready at Wisconsin Cooperative

When the COVID lockdown forced farmers to work remotely, the region's lack of viable internet connection became a major issue. Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS) owns the infrastructure key to bringing this vital technology to its rural customers.

With grant deadlines looming and new phases set to begin, PPCS reached out to Osmose. Read the full case study showing how Osmose helped PPCS continue bringing broadband to members.

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The Secret Behind Creating a Successful Utility and Telco Partnership 

Ronald Bilodeau, Director of Strategic Solutions at Osmose, shared his expertise behind successful utility and telco partnerships with ISE Magazine. 

Read the full article to learn what Ron considers the key to any successful business relationship and the solution to building a strong partnership.

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Turnkey Multi-Program Pole Assessment Services

Osmose worked consultatively with a west coast municipal utility to develop a detailed, turnkey three-year inspection program that covered the entire pole plant of structures. 

Read the complete case study to find out how Osmose's three major services—overhead detailed inspection (ODI), pole loading analysis, and pole inspection/treatment—helped the utility achieve its objectives.

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Osmose’s Power SurveyTM Showcased During "Why Outcomes Matter" Program

Below-ground infrastructure poses a unique set of risks because hazards can go undetected. At any time, contact voltage could energize structures above ground and bring potential danger to anyone touching them. Watch as ITN Business rides along with one of our Power Survey crews to scan for electrical faults before they become a public safety issue.