Case Studies

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Fiber Buildout Pre-Construction Make-Ready at Central REC

Central REC embarked on a five-year, five-phase project to bring high-speed internet to at least 18,000 locations including schools and businesses.Read More


Custom Wood H-Frame Transmission Pole Restoration Solutions

Two utilities requested solutions to restore H-frame wood transmission poles in unusual environmental conditions.Read More


Steel Structure Cyclical Assessment Program

A utility in east Tennessee initiated a pilot assessment project to determine the below-grade condition of their transmission system.Read More


Guyed Mast Tower Restoration in Protected Wetland

Restorations were needed on 69 different foundations supporting 230 kV guyed mast towers running through a protected wetland.Read More



Rural Fiber Build Out and Make-Ready at Cumberland EMC

Cumberland recognized a need for broadband services where members were underserved. Before construction could begin, poles were evaluated.Read More


Osmose Solution Quickly Identifies Hazardous Condition in Schoolyard

Contact voltage trucks using the Power Survey solution identified a large energized steel fence near a schoolyard playground.Read More


Pole Restoration at Wiregrass Electric Cooperative

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative considered the benefits of pole restoration, including the opportunity to capitalize the investment.Read More


Ohio Electric Cooperative and Sonic Inspection

Osmose inspected 36 poles on Ohio Electric Cooperative's distribution system that were previously inspected by another company.Read More