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Osmolytics Distribution Structure Asset Management
Optimization  =  (Data & Analytics) + (Expertise & Experience)

Data now drives billions of dollars of decisions in the utility industry.  Osmose has collected and analyzed performance data on over 50 million distribution structures.  Combined with over 80 years of expertise in maintenance and engineering, we have built the most sophisticated analytics-driven asset management solution for distribution structures that exists, and we are ready to share it with your utility.

Prioritization Means Getting Detailed

Today's asset management professional is challenged with the following realities:

  1. Every structure is slightly different and has different risk factors
  2. Risk reduction can be accelerated through making many small decisions, but making them in the right order
  3. Cost savings can be multiplied through making many small decisions, but making them smarter
  4. Optimization is making the right decision, for the right asset, at the right time - every time
  5. Optimizing requires substantial data, expertise, and systems to implement them

Poles are One of the Largest Assets on Your Balance Sheet

For many utilities, distribution poles are one of the three largest investments on the balance sheet.  Bringing a modern financial decision-making framework to maintenance, life extension, and replacement decisions can yield huge improvements in OPEX predictability and lower overall ownership costs.  While industry regulation can make the analysis of certain types of expenditures more complex, Osmose has worked with a variety of industry experts to bring best practices to life in a set of simple analytical tools.


Resilient Poles Are the Best Public Safety Strategy

Multiple recent case studies have shown that utilities with an optimized, robust maintenance strategy experience up to 70% fewer pole failures during major storms (and achieve similarly faster system restoration).  Asset managers need to consider the overall system health when designing their maintenance strategy, with resiliency and physical strength being a critical factor.  Osmose has developed a health index for utility structures that helps optimize multiple dimensions of risk management to ensure the utility is getting the maximum risk reduction per dollar spent.

Structure Priority

Osmose can help optimize your life-extension investments.  To learn more, call your local Osmose professional.  Not sure who your local professional is?  Email to find out.