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Aerial Services

The structures holding up the critical and complex network of electric and communications lines are a significant feature in every landscape across the globe. Wood utility poles can measure anywhere from 30 to 120 feet tall, while steel transmission structures start at 100 feet.

Without an effective above-grade assessment, many issues may go unnoticed leaving electric utilities with potentially serious reliability issues and costly unaddressed risk. Aerial assessments provide a safe and efficient way to access all structure types above grade, avoiding safety exposure of climbing and the expense of manned aircraft.

Osmose is a utility structure expert with 90 years of expertise. Our unique blend of cutting-edge technology, experienced personnel, and in-depth utility structure assessment knowledge sets us apart. Unlike a standard drone service provider, Osmose doesn’t just provide pictures; we provide actionable insights. Our comprehensive report and condition assessment points the way forward, a priceless asset to utilities facing complex decisions. 

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Drone - Substation
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Osmose deploys technology that supports faster assessments, ultimately providing timely information to electric utilities.

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Osmose visits millions of poles annually, confirming our ability to scale to any size project across the country. 

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Osmose applies the latest technology to deliver accuracy and quality required by pole owners.

Why Osmose Aerial Services?


  • FAA-certified pilot and trained visual observers
    perform safe and efficient flight operations
  • Provide full-structure health assessment,
    including pole tops and crossarms
  • Assess critical components including bolts and
    hardware, insulators, and damaged members
  • High-quality images of defects
  • Identify reliability issues
  • Includes infrared assessments of equipment to
    identify hot spots
  • Are available to remote or inaccessible structures
    (flooded areas, swamps, coastal locations)
  • Can be used for post-storm response support
    and logistics
  • Can be combined with patrols with overhead
    detailed assessments
  • Includes a comprehensive report and individual
    structure condition assessment 

When combined with groundline assessment programs, transmission, and distribution, aerial assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of the structure and attached equipment’s condition.


Case Study

Aerial Services Ensure Reliability for Lebanon Utilities

With a population of a little less than 17,000, Lebanon is a small city. The cost of bringing energy reliability to its power loop threatened to escalate well into the millions. Fill out the form to discover how Osmose's technology, expertise, and the blend of aerial assessment service and groundline program provided actionable insights for the utility.

Aerial Case Study

Osmose Innovative Tools and Technologies

OsmoViewTM Virtual Expert

Osmose utilizes a proprietary virtual assessment application to review images, identify issues, and prioritize defects needing remediation. Housed within our Osmose 360® portal, customers have access to the aerial assessment findings in an easy-to use, central location. 
OsmoView Steel
OsmoView Wood

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