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Joint Use & Clearance Audits

As legislative and regulatory developments regarding pole attachments continue to make headlines, the need for pole owners and attachers alike to obtain accurate joint use data becomes greater.

Osmose has developed its joint use audit solutions to address joint use program objectives such as:

  • Managing compliance and liability concerns (related to clearance violations, pole loading)
  • Maintaining accurate attachment records (that drive accurate rental billing)
  • Coordinating remediation of issues related to foreign attachments (violations, transfers, and double wood)

Professional joint use attachment surveys from Osmose include field data collection on a geographic basis.  Osmose field technicians can document the presence of attachments on a structure as well as ownership of the attachments, whether or not guys and anchors are shared, and provide digital images integrated into online, map-based solutions to support attachment results.  In addition, reports highlight violations, and instances of double wood, and help direct efforts to remediate identified problems in an efficient manner.

Joint Use and Clearance Audits-2021-2

Beyond the core effort of performing comprehensive field surveys, Osmose can support the entire process by providing:

  • Joint use agreement review (to help offset audits costs and ensure accurate rental billing)
  • Online mapping tools to visualize audit results
  • Billing attachers
  • Managing third-party notifications to ensure follow-up work is completed
  • Identifying and remediating double wood conditions

Building a Business Case

We assess project metrics and perform basic calculations to generate documentation that assists our customers with the generation of a business case. 

Execution of Audit

We deploy experienced Field Technicians to perform data collection according to survey requirements. Their experience in a wide array of joint use initiatives translates into accurate field assessment of all aspects of joint use audits.

Data Delivery

Our Analysts will process the data results and provide the customer with a highly-accurate data deliverable.

Assistance with Invoicing

Osmose will assist with the generation of invoicing for our customers to pass on to companies with known unauthorized attachments.

Osmose 360® for Joint Use

Osmose 360® for Joint Use is designed to provide pole owners a common platform for attachers to submit and track applications for attachment. Combined with easy to read status dashboards and reports, Osmose 360 for Joint Use ensures all stakeholders are fully connected throughout the attachment process, eliminating confusion about status and allowing for easy monitoring of performance and deadlines.