Overhead Inspection

Your overhead systems play an integral role in not only the reliability of service to your customers but also the resiliency of the grid structure. Failed equipment, damaged or broken poles, and downed wires are costly liabilities to electric utilities.

Why Partner with Osmose?

  • Speed – Osmose technology and expertise help meet regulatory and project timelines.

  • Scale – Osmose resources can scale to support projects of any size.

  • Accuracy – Innovative technology ensures consistent and accurate measurements.

Osmose Overhead Solutions

Osmose provides many fast and efficient overhead inspection services providing a range of outcomes desired by the electric utility.

  1. Annual Ground Patrol – vehicle-based visual evaluation of equipment and structures to identify obvious safety and reliability issues from the ground.

  2. Overhead Detail Inspection – vehicle and ground evaluations identifying safety, structural, and hazard problems, as well as clearance and grounding system evaluations.

  3. Aerial Inspection – pole top aerial evaluation utilizing uncrewed aerial systems (UASs) that collect high-quality images of defects, identifies reliability issues, and/or take thermal imagery of equipment.

  4. Corrective Actions – Osmose can address many issues identified in the inspection, as well as post-field activities – saving time and money for the pole owner.

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