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A quarterly e-newsletter from Osmose | April 2021

Quarterly news on important topics related to infrastructure management:
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Use Technology to Prepare Your Grid For Broadband

Proven practices and improved technology can minimize grid impact and help utilities with compliance, safety, and reliability.

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Capture a 3-D Analysis of Your Steel Structures

Discover how LiDAR innovative technology detects details of steel poles and towers that can help utilities solve potential structure issues.

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H-Frame Restoration: Real Situations and Custom Solutions

Two utilities requested solutions to restore H-frame wood transmission poles in unusual environmental conditions.

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How to Avoid the Unseen Grid Threat: Buckling

Understand the distinction between decayed poles that fail in a bending mode versus those that are likely to fail due to localized buckling. Read and download this important white paper.

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Osmose Solution Quickly Identifies Hazardous Condition in Schoolyard

A crew of contact voltage trucks using the Power Survey detection solution identified a large energized steel fence near a schoolyard playground.

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New Steel Inspection Techniques & Criteria Analysis

New inspection protocol analyzes structure-specific data, compared against industry standards, to provide accurate and economical results.

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