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boardband deployment

Broadband Deployment: Are you ready for the rush?

There is a lot of funding for a nationwide broadband buildout. However, funding is just the first hurdle. Now, you have to execute quickly.

Learn how Osmose leads with technology that increases speed, accuracy, efficiency, and visibility.

pole topper

Pole Tops – Don’t Forget to Protect This Small but Critical Area

Did you know wood pole tops put the entire pole at risk of premature replacement? Using preventative measures retain the integrity and resiliency of not just the pole top, but the entire pole.

To learn more about pole toppers and their benefits, click the link below.

Manhole Case Study

Did You Know Dangerous Manhole Events Happen Daily?

Without proper due diligence, manhole events could lead to the loss of power, the release of toxic gas, and even propel massive cast iron disks, weighing between 70 and 300 pounds, anywhere from 1 foot to 50 feet into the air!

Ready to learn how to mitigate unexpected manhole events in the short term and develop a long-term strategy for true prevention?

steel video osmose

The Solution to Safeguarding the Integrity of Your Steel Structures

Faced with an aging steel network and an ever-increasing number and severity of weather incidents, how can a provider achieve steel structure safety, reliability, and resiliency within the budgetary confines of the current regulatory landscape?

The answer is to find a partner focused not only on steel asset life assessment but resiliency.