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Substation Maintenance and Services

Osmose can help you reset the life of your aging substation structures. We have extensive experience helping utilities retrofit structures with modern solutions. Our in-house team of substation specialists can help you understand the condition of your substation structures, recommend a cost-effective restoration solution, and prevent costly failures.

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Equipment, Site, Structure, and Security

Substations and switchyards share critical assets to overall system reliability, however:

  • Substation structures typically haven’t been addressed in decades
  • Many substation structural components are beyond their expected design life and showing signs of deterioration
  • Planning outages for equipment and structure replacement can take months and can be costly
  • Capital budgets are becoming subject to increased scrutiny
  • Structure failures represent a substantial risk of loss of life, widespread outages, and financial losses 

Why Partner with Osmose for Substation Maintenance and Services?

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Increase reliability and safety

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Add to existing program

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Extend substation asset life


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Cost effective

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Capitalizable as part of a program

Substation Security

Reduce the visibility of critical electric equipment and the risk of targeted attacks and blasts.

  • Privacy and noise-reduction screens
  • Movable ballistic panels
  • Permanent structural wall systems

Field Services

  • Structure and foundation assessment
  • Corrosion mitigation with groundline coatings
  • Structure restoration
  • Grounding grid assessment and repair
  • Site assessment and debris removal
  • Security hardening solutions
  • Site and structure mapping and numbering
  • Equipment assessment and testing
  • Infrared reliability scans
  • Aerial assessment including reliability scanning

Get a free, no-obligation consultation with an Osmose substation expert.

negatively impacted ground grids

Ground Grid Integrity Testing

Ground grids can corrode or get severed through construction activities, negatively impacting performance. Ground grid integrity testing enhances reliability and worker and public safety. 

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Structure Assessment & Life Extension

Osmose has adapted advanced assessment technologies to find and address hidden conditions in substation structures.

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Steel and Concrete Restoration

The Osmose team will implement engineered solutions to damaged steel and concrete structures inside substations safely and efficiently.

Drone - Substation

Substation Drone Inspection

Osmose is a utility structure expert with 90 years of expertise. Our unique blend of cutting-edge technology, experienced personnel, and in-depth utility structure assessment knowledge sets us apart. Unlike a standard drone service provider, Osmose doesn’t just provide pictures; we provide actionable insights. Our comprehensive report and condition assessment points the way forward, a priceless asset to utilities facing complex decisions.

Steel Asset Betterment is a Capital Opportunity

Consider capitalizing the program costs of steel structure best-in-class assessment and remediation. Osmose asset advisory experts are available to support any utility’s operations and finance teams to undertake a successful capitalization program.