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Our People

At Osmose, it’s our people who make the difference. The best and brightest field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, and corrosion experts leverage hundreds of years of combined experience to analyze data, design programs, and address issues that impact your asset health, system resiliency, and performance.

Our goal is to encourage innovation and advance industry standards and knowledge to better serve our customers.  To facilitate these goals, Osmose employees regularly participate in and serve on a number of committees and task groups for several industry organizations including AWPA, EEI, NACE, IEEE, and ASTM.


Our 4,000-plus field employees in 49 states are managed by an operations leadership team with an average tenure of over 20 years.


Our team of first line Supervisors who are responsible for the quality of our work and the safety of our employees have been with Osmose an average of 13 years, and the average tenure of our crew foremen is almost five years.


Senior Leadership

A senior leadership team with an average of 33 years of professional experience provides overall company guidance and direction, and maintains close ties with our customers to stay abreast of a rapidly changing industry and evolving customer needs.


We have a team of engineers on staff with skills and expertise in the following disciplines: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, industrial, and aerospace/aeronautical.

Our registered professional engineers are licensed in 47 of the 50 states.

Wood Scientists

We have wood scientists on staff whose focus is the continued development and testing of next-generation, environmentally-preferable wood preservatives which set the standard for performance and effectiveness in the industry.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists and solutions consulting teams use Osmolytics, our industry-leading data analytics platform, to help our customers better predict and assess the resiliency of their T&D systems and implement cost-effective life extension and hardening programs for both wood and steel structures.


Research & Development

Our team of research and development technologists, scientists, and engineers have a total of 39 patents awarded and pending on wood pole and steel structure restoration systems, mobile contact voltage detection technology, and wood preservative product formulations.

Software Developers &
Product Managers

Our software developers and product managers are constantly updating our field data collection, verification, and structure assessment tools and systems to ensure the most accurate and cost-effective collection of information on utility systems, including the critical evaluation of pole strength and loading.

Project Managers

Our project managers provide oversight on all major customer engagements to ensure the project-specific milestones and metrics required by our customers are achieved.


Office Team

Our skilled back-office team processes thousands of joint-use requests monthly and supports our suite of analysis and design services focused on pole replacement design, make-ready engineering, post-construction services, as well as services which help telecoms effectively manage their outside plant needs.

Project Delivery

Our project delivery team processes and packages thousands of structure inspection records daily to ensure accurate and timely delivery of critical asset health data to our customers.

Corrosion Operations &

Our corrosion operations and engineering teams develop and implement industry-leading methods and practices for assessing and rehabilitating steel structures and foundations to extend the service life of critical assets and circuits.

We believe evaluating and restoring strength to the grid is essential work, and we are the best people to do it.  We put our collective knowledge, experience, technology, and innovation to work for our customers every day.