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Mike Adams CEO

Osmose Names New CEO

In February 2022, Osmose welcomed Mike Adams as its new CEO. He brings more than 30 years of experience with GE Power, Alston Power, and recent leadership at NCR. “I am honored to be selected to lead the Osmose team and look forward to working with the board, and our outstanding employees in supporting utilities in strengthening their networks, accelerating their grid resiliency efforts, and ensuring the safe delivery of energy and telecom services to customers and communities,” said Adams. 


How Will Your Structures Withstand the Coming Storms?

When wood poles fail during a weather event (extreme or sporadic), more outages occur, and it takes longer and costs more to restore service. Retaining or upgrading Structural ResiliencyTM reduces pole failures in major weather events which lower the time and cost of service restoration. Ensuring structural resiliency requires ongoing vigilance and Osmose’s March 30 webinar introduces a new approach to tackle the challenge: Resiliency as a ServiceTM.

Streetlight energized

Osmose Helps California City Identify Energized Streetlights Before Harm is Done

A Palmdale, California resident reported a streetlight outage, and when city crews responded they discovered a more dangerous situation than expected. Whatever caused the burnout also energized the streetlight, which could severely shock people and pets upon touch. Where else might this hidden hazard exist? The city now had a larger problem: how to expedite the inspection of 18,000 streetlights to protect its residents from possible harm.

Structural resiliency

Get Tough! Announcing the Latest Structural Resiliency Solutions

Whether you’re getting ready for storm season or preparing your plant for broadband expansion, the Tough Truss™ structural resiliency solutions can help toughen your system without pole replacement. The Tough Truss Upgrade works in conjunction with sound wood poles to create a combined bending capacity greater than the original pole class rating. The Tough Truss Extra is a new solution that not only restores decayed poles to code-mandated strength like regular trusses but also upgrades the structure’s bending capacity at the same time.

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Northeast Utility Concrete Foundation Restoration 

With total utility assets worth over $47.7 billion, a Northeast utility has invested heavily in protecting and maintaining its grid infrastructure to prevent service disruption. Eager to consolidate its asset management efforts by using fewer providers who can address assessment, maintenance, and restoration for its grid structures – including their concrete foundations - the company expanded its relationship with Osmose to provide a turnkey solution.