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Quarterly news on important topics related to infrastructure management and innovation:

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Wood life extension

Utility Saves $13 Million with Wood Life Extension Program | Case study

Strong transmission and distribution structures ensure reliable and affordable service. Do you have a life extension program?

Download the case study and learn how a utility, like yours, used Osmose's wood life extension program.

bending tower

Lattice Tower Collapse: Creating a Digital Model for Resilience

In 2017, an Osmose assessment crew encountered a lattice tower with significant corrosion at its base. Before the utility could replace the tower, a tornado touched down nearby and the tower collapsed.

Read the full case study to find out what happened and Osmose's alternative solution.

Aerial services

Osmose Aerial Services | Overhead Drone Assessment

When combined with groundline assessment programs, transmission, and distribution, aerial assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of the structure and attached equipment’s condition.

Learn more about our services.


Distributech | Industry Expert, Chad Newton

Chad Newton, the Senior Director of Wood Infrastructure at Osmose Utilities Services, offers valuable perspectives on the changing obstacles and solutions in maintaining and enhancing grid resilience at DISTRIBUTECH 2024.

product catalog 2024

Osmose 2024 Products Catalog

Osmose develops and sells a variety of products designed to protect, preserve, repair, and restore your T&D structures and their attachments.

Download our 2024 Product Catalog to explore our comprehensive range of solutions.

contact voltage

The Hazardous Realities of Neglected Streetlights | Case Study

As part of a 2022 campaign to upgrade nearly 20,000 fixtures to energy-efficient LED technology and improve upkeep, the city sold its streetlights to the power company for future maintenance. With limited resources, the city’s streetlights fell into disrepair over the years. How will you ensure the public's safety quickly?

Learn how Osmose helped the power company quickly assess the condition and ensure safety for the public.

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2024 Osmose Structural Asset Health Index

How can a utility ensure optimal investment in structural asset health for grid reliability and resiliency, balancing risk and return effectively?

Download the full article and discover the pioneering tool for optimizing asset management, reducing costs, and unlocking the benefits of life extension.

Electric-Pole-Hanging-After-a-Wild-Fire (1)

In the Line of Fire: ArmorBuilt® Wildfire Shield is Crucial to Your Resilience

Over the summer of 2023, a groundbreaking fire protection solution known as ArmorBuilt® Wildfire Shield proved its mettle in safeguarding critical power infrastructure even in the face of Canadian wildfires. 

Read the full case study to learn how Osmose's fire protection solution revolutionizes safety.