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Building Asset Resilience: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Stability

It is undeniable that outages caused by severe weather have seen a substantial rise in the last two decades. Electric utilities are constantly trying to find a complete structure and a systemic approach to enhance grid strength, safety, reliability, and resiliency.

Discover how Osmose sets the pace, prioritizes accuracy and efficiency, and, above all, emphasizes resilienc

Case Study Broadband

Case Study | Osmose Helps Accelerate Broadband Buildout

An internet provider reached out to a large electric cooperative about attaching fiber lines to the cooperative’s distribution poles. Though welcoming to the idea, the cooperative didn’t want members to carry the costs of ensuring the wood pole infrastructure was ready.

Learn how Osmose helped the cooperative assess the need and prepare the network of poles for the new attachments.

substation infographic

Substation Services | Unleashing Reliability and Resilience

Ready to reduce the risk of unplanned outages and service interruptions in substations? Osmose offers comprehensive site, structure, and equipment assessments with security audits. Our turnkey assessments, restoration, upgrades, mitigation, and grounding evaluations program reduces the risk of outages.

Download the infographic to learn more.

Case study - Post storm support

Case Study: Once in a Lifetime Storm Hits Southeast Electric Cooperative

After a winter storm hit a southeast electric cooperative, more than 20 Osmose Crew Members came rushing in. They were the first group called to help get the power back on for impacted members and perform a detailed post-storm inspection. 

Read the full case study and learn what the findings from the inspection revealed and Osmose's solution.