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Quarterly news on important topics related to infrastructure management and innovation:

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Steel assessment program

How to Build a Steel Assessment Program on a Budget

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (MLGW) is the nation’s largest three-service municipal utility, providing electric, gas, and water to more than 429,000 customers. 

MLGW partnered with Osmose to develop a cost-effective, risk reduction program. Read what the assessment revealed and Osmose's solution.

Monument Wildfire

Fire Solutions: Are Your Wood Poles Protected Against Fires?

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the number of acres burned by wildfires in the United States each year has more than doubled. The good news is that fire prevention can be a key component of a holistic approach to a utility grid’s resiliency and asset hardening initiatives.

Learn more about Osmose's before, during, and after fire protection solutions.

ESS eBook Header - Guide (1)

Guide to Picking the Best Grid Asset Services Partner

When hiring outside service providers to assist in asset management, utilities must be vigilant about who they select as their partner.

Here are four well-informed questions utilities and electric companies should ask when comparing and selecting a structural asset service provider.

Wood Pole Video

Maximize the Safe Use of Existing Wood Poles

Wood poles form the backbone of the electric grid. Proper maintenance helps reduce unnecessary or premature replacement costs.

Learn how Osmose's pole inspection and treatment programs allow you to manage your poles' performance.

Infrared Inspection

Osmose Provides Fast, Accurate, and Scalable Infrared Inspections

An infrared inspection can tell an electric utility a lot of information about its overhead systems.

Learn more about various deployment options for infrared inspections.