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Storm resiliency

How Will Your Grid Structures Withstand the Coming Storms?

View this recorded webinar featuring subject matter experts, Aditya Srinivasan and Chad Newton, as they discuss new approaches to utility system resilience, starting with the foundational elements: Structural ResiliencyTM. They share the latest proven approaches for proactively hardening your grid infrastructure and how to manage resiliency as an ongoing process rather than a reactive event.

Steel towers - banner-2

[Case Study] Catastrophic Steel Pole Failure Solution

In 2015, one of Osmose’s utility partners sustained a catastrophic incident causing thousands of customers to lose power on one of the coldest nights of the year. The outage occurred when a steel monopole snapped at its base and ultimately caused a destructive failure. 

Read what the Osmose team of licensed structural engineers found during the forensic investigation and how they developed a cost-effective restoration solution.

Corrosion deterioration

New FERC Ruling Endorses Capitalization of Corrosion-Prevention Coatings

Recently, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) requested an interpretation of the FERC's Uniform System of Accounts allowing PG&E to capitalize on costs related to its steel Tower Coating Program. The utility argued that because corrosion-preventing coatings will “substantially extend the life of a steel structure” they meet the established guidelines and should therefore be able to be capitalized. In February 2022, FERC endorsed qualifying the application of corrosion-preventing coatings to steel electric utility structures as a capital expenditure.

To learn more about how to capitalize steel asset programs, download the full white paper.


[Case Study] Bringing High-Speed Internet To Unserved And Underserved Areas

The cable provider management teams knew they needed an experienced contractor to act in a liaison role to facilitate the application processing. Click to read how Osmose kept the state’s aggressive construction schedule on track.

wood poles

Why Wood Poles? 

An estimated 150 million wood poles form the backbone of the electric grid, supporting the delivery of electricity and telecommunications across America. After more than a century of use, wood remains the preferred material for poles because of its durability, strength, low acquisition and lifecycle costs, and availability in multiple lengths and classes.