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Study Results | Trusses Provide Storm-Proven Performance

This Osmose study revealed trusses improved performance and reduced damage, enabling poles to remain in service or return to service more rapidly than if replacement was required.

Download the results and learn about the Tough Truss® systems.

Joint use - Osmovision

Optimizing Joint Use: Effective Management Solutions

Osmose has made it a priority to work with structure owners across the United States to design a three-phased approach to streamline joint use programs.

Click the link below to learn more about each phase of the Triple Play solution.

padmount Osmose services

What is Your Padmount Inspection and Restoration Solution?

By regularly performing inspection, maintenance, and necessary services on padmount transformers, detrimental conditions can be detected and resolved promptly, minimizing the risk of outages and equipment failures.

Watch the video to find out more about Osmose's padmount solutions.

Webinar - inspection

Inspection Study Results Revealed

To provide the industry with more current insights, Osmose just completed a monumental study to reevaluate inspection types with a more involved process at a scale never seen.

The findings of the Osmose study suggest that it is time for utilities to reassess their approach to pole plant asset management programs. Click to read the white paper below.


Substation Aging: Protecting Your Infrastructure Investment

With continued supply chain challenges, increased frequency of damaging weather, and rising risk for vandalism targeted at infrastructure, preventative assessments, and proactive mitigation efforts are the smartest investments a utility owner can make in their grid.

Download the white paper and see how Osmose can make that investment count.