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New Data Entry Shortcuts in O-Calc Pro 5.03

Among the updates to O-Calc Pro, Version 5.03 includes a number of new shortcuts that can be used to expedite the pole building process. Existing shortcuts includes:

Utilizing the AUX Data Fields

Any component utilized in the construction of an O-Calc Pro pole model has several attributes available to the user. These attributes can be found by selecting an item, and viewing available attributes in the Data Entry Panel of the O-Calc Pro interface. These attributes can vary between different .

Add Pole to Model as Version Plugin

In O-Calc Pro version 5.03, an additional plugin became available for use. This plugin, available from the plugins download website, allows a user incorporate an existing .pplx file into the .pplx file of another pole, as an additional version.

Downloading Catalogs in O-Calc Pro 5.03

In the latest release of O-Calc Pro, Version 5.03, several updates have been made to familiar processes. One update is the way in which Master and User catalogs can be added to the program.

Using Control Points in DMT Process

The DMT, or Digital Measurement Technology, process in O-Calc Pro allows a user to obtain information from a photo of a pole that was taken with a CVT, or a Calibrated Visual Target. This technology allows a user to obtain attachment heights, span diameters, and other information. However, if a pho.

End/Drop Rise in Ganged Geometry Editor

In previous versions of O-Calc Pro, a user has always had the ability to adjust the end drop/rise value for a span. This attribute can be found by selecting a span, and is visible under the “Standard” filter in the Data Entry Window.

Reference Origin for Data Entry

In O-Calc Pro v. 5.03 additional functionality was added to incorporate the use of a reference that can be set by the user. Two additional shortcuts were created to utilize this set reference for the manipulation of the height and rotation of various objects in O-Calc Pro. A reference can be set as.

Sag Tension Table Generator

Within O-Calc Pro, there are several tension types available for a user to choose from – additional information on those tension types can be found in the wiki article on various types of tension. This article focuses on a new feature in O-Calc, called the Sag Tension Table Generator.

More Fun with Notes – Notes and the DMT Process

In a previous post, some of the advanced features of Notes were discussed. One additional note feature is that they can be utilized with images of a pole, within the ‘Measure’ tab in O-Calc Pro. It is possible to add a Calculation style note to an item, for example, and create some labeled values. .

Setting Administrative Permission

Within the O-Calc Pro application, a variety of features are made available to a user. These available features are linked, in part, to the user level that is assigned. To determine what user level you have been assigned, simply open the application and check the status in the bottom left-hand corn.