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Use of Range Poles in DMT Process

The DMT Process refers to the use of the Digital Measurement Technology in O-Calc Pro. This technology typically requires a photograph of a pole be taken with a CVT, or Calibrated Visual Target, attached to the pole. This CVT is used in O-Calc to obtain height measurements for various attachments. .

Spool Rack Modeling

The O-Calc Pro Master Catalog contains many items that can be modeled on a utility pole. However, not all items found in the field can be found in the catalog. For this reason, O-Calc Pro has the ability to model items as generic equipment using a blend of shapes with different attributes.

Using Control Points in DMT Process

The DMT, or Digital Measurement Technology, process in O-Calc Pro allows a user to obtain information from a photo of a pole that was taken with a CVT, or a Calibrated Visual Target. This technology allows a user to obtain attachment heights, span diameters, and other information. However, if a pho.

Performing Lens Calibration on a New Camera

O-Calc Pro is equipped with a fully functional monoscopic photogrammetry subsystem that allows for extremely precise measurements to be made from photographs. Unlike the less accurate systems sometimes used by alternative pole loading tools this system uses a precise model of the lens stack on a pa.