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Pole Catalog Creator Plugin

When the Pole Catalog Creator plugin is activated, users have three options for performing pole catalog creation tasks. To use the plugin first go to Options > Manage Plugins and check the box for the Pole Catalog Creator option to activate the plugin. Follow the instructions below to learn how to .

Bill of Materials Plugin

The Bill of Materials plugin allows you to configure a bill of materials (BOM) which can be applied for a pole model.

Whole Inventory Edit Plugin

The Whole Inventory Edit plugin allows you to edit all the items in the Inventory for a selected pole using a new form in a separate window.

Export Analysis Data Plugin

The Export Analysis Data plugin allows you to export the Basic analysis data, Sweep analysis data, or Guy Tension data for the selected (the pole shown in the Inventory) pole model.

Quick Access Plugin

The Quick Access Plugin allows you to access commonly used O-Calc Pro functions. It creates a new window you can configure with buttons to access commonly used features. When installed, the Quick Access plugin defaults to the following buttons:

Allowable Strut Load for Sidewalk Struts Plugin

The Allowable Strut Load for Sidewalk Struts plugin allows you to enter a table of allowable strut loads as a function of both strut diameter and strut length. When the plugin is activated and an O-Calc Pro ‘Note’ is on the ‘GuyBrace’ object, the plugin will automatically fill in the “Allowable Str.

Insulator Tools Plugin

The Insulator Tools plugin allows you to set insulator load capacities and then report on the capacity utilization of each individual insulator. While many safety standards (NESC 2023, CSA) do not require this insulator load check, the GO95 standards within California do. With the Insulator Tools p.