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Tension Types and Sag Explained

This article outlines some of the basic concepts behind how Tensions Types and Sag are accounted for in O-Calc Pro. The full primer on this topic is linked to this article.

Applied Loads Summary

This report provides more detailed information regarding the forces being applied to the pole in relation to wine pressure as dictated by the loadcase, and the worst wind direction which is determined during modeling of a structure.

Analysis Reports Explained

Analysis Report – Page 1 Figure 1. Page 1 of Analysis Report

Accessing FEA data, resonant frequency analysis

For any ordinary type of standard analysis tasks, and even for the bulk of advanced tasks O-Calc Pro has reports and tools provided for you to use. On occasion however there will be some form of analysis or manipulation that requires deep and advanced access to elements or calculated values. In thi.

Differences between O-Calc and hand calculations

When comparing O-Calc to simplified hand calculations it is sometimes surprising to find that there can be some differences.

Understanding the PPL Coordinate Space

This document describes the coordinate conventions used to describe all physical and notional elements in the PPL system. By convention all linear values are in inches and all angular values are in radians.

Osmose O-Calc® Pro Theory of Operation

1.0 Coordinates