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Installing Optional Plugins in O-Calc Pro

While version 5.0.2 of O-Calc includes a set of plugins, it may be beneficial to add additional functionality by downloading, installing, and enabling plugins that aren’t included with the initial installer.

To access the list of available plugins for your version of O-Calc you need to do the following:

Under “Tools” >> “Misc…”>> “Download Plugins and Reports”

A browser window will open and direct you to the Osmose webpage, where there is a listing of all available plugins for your version of O-Calc.

From this list you can select whichever tool you need, and save it to either your default “Downloads” folder on your computer, or set its location. You will need to know where it was saved for the installation process, which is described in the following steps:

Under “Tools” >> “Misc…”>> “Install Plugins and Reports”

You may be prompted to allow changes to be made to your computer – select “Yes”

In the next prompt, select “Install Plugin” and navigate to the location where you saved the file in the previous step, then click “Open”.

You can select “Ok”, and then “Done” to close those two windows. If prompted to restart the program, select “No” for now.

The last step is to enable your new plugin.

Under “Options” >> “Manage Plugins…”

With the Plugins listed, select those you wish to enable and click “Apply”.

You will be prompted again to restart your application – Select “Yes”. Once O-Calc has restarted, you will find your plugin enabled.

Contact your local Osmose professional.