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IKE 3 Integration with O-Calc Pro

Among the many tools included in O-Calc Pro is the option to utilize information collected with an IKE device. This article outlines how to utilize an IKE 3 device to collect data, and use that data to model a pole within the O-Calc Pro desktop software. The process for data collected from an IKE 4.

Modeling a Truss Guy in O-Calc Pro

O-Calc Pro has supported several types of guying in previous versions; these include down guys, span-head guys, sidewalk guys, and pushbraces. Additional guying options have been introduced that allow for the modeling of a truss guy, or a guy wire that can be used without having to touch the ground.

Image Split/Merge Standalone Tool

While the O-Calc Pro Software Program does include many features, the installation package for the program also includes several standalone tools that may be used outside of an O-Calc Pole modeling session. One of those tools is the Image Split/Merge utility, which allows for batch processing of im.

Crossarm Analysis Reports

Crossarm Analysis

Clearance Analysis Process and Report

The Clearance analysis tool provides the user with a way to assess for potential clearance violations when adding spans and equipment, or when setting a new pole. The Clearance Analysis options can be found under Tools > Clearance Analysis… in O-Calc Pro. From this list are several options, includi.

Tension Types and Sag Explained

This article outlines some of the basic concepts behind how Tensions Types and Sag are accounted for in O-Calc Pro. The full primer on this topic is linked to this article.

Fun with Notes!

Perhaps one of the most under-utilized features in O-Calc Pro is the ability to add Notes to an item. In addition to components that utilize pole capacity, it is also possible to add elements to the inventory list that do not contribute to the loading on the pole at all. One such item is a note.

Applied Loads Summary

This report provides more detailed information regarding the forces being applied to the pole in relation to wine pressure as dictated by the loadcase, and the worst wind direction which is determined during modeling of a structure.

Analysis Reports Explained

Analysis Report – Page 1 Figure 1. Page 1 of Analysis Report

Google Earth Capture Clipboard Feature

When utilizing the Google Earth Plugin in O-Calc Pro, it is possible to plot the location of a structure or render the structure in 3D in Google Earth. The first step towards doing this would be to ensure that the google earth plugin is enabled. This can be checked by opening O-Calc and navigating .