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Version 6.01 Minor Update v1.0

New Features


● Annotate Images from Model

▸ The ability to add image annotations showing model heights instead of measure heights has been added to the O-Calc DMT Tool.

◇ Line Design

● Span Bay Linking Tool

▸ A new tool for linking spans in bulk has been made available in the Line Design Tools Menu. This will allow users to identify and link entire span bays using the drag and drop method instead of having to link spans individually.


◇ Typos

● Metric Mode

▸ Defect: When in metric mode, the Overturn Moment label of a pole still showed ft-lbs for the units even though the value was actually in N-m. This has been corrected to show the correct unit DEP label.

▸ Defect: The format feet in DEP option is still available when in Metric mode even though it performs no function. This option is now disabled when in Metric Mode.

◇ Display Errors

● 3D View

▸ Defect: There were some circumstances that could cause the end of a span to appear as if it was “floating” off the end of an insulator even though no offset values were set. This has been corrected.

◇ Gang Editor

● Span Sag

▸ Defect: While editing span lengths using the Gang Editor in Sag to Tension mode, sag changes were inadvertently applied twice. This has been corrected and changing span lengths in Sag to Tension mode using the Gang Editor should now work correctly.

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