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Understanding the PPL Coordinate Space

This document describes the coordinate conventions used to describe all physical and notional elements in the PPL system. By convention all linear values are in inches and all angular values are in radians.

Osmose O-Calc® Pro Theory of Operation

1.0 Coordinates

Token substitution helper

When creating scripts and plugins it is sometimes convenient to be able to process a tokenized template and fill in selected values from calculated values or form attributes on the structure.

Configuring O-Calc Scripting

O-Calc Pro allows the use of scripting to automate repetitive tasks, to perform structure verifications, and for other tasks. The use of the scripting system is covered in detail in the manual, through training videos, and in other articles. The purpose of this article is to detail the steps involv.

O-Calc Pro Plugin – “Hello World”

The default O-Calc Pro Plugin template will create a message box showing the message “Hello World”. Below are some explanations of the various code components of this simple plugin example.

Development Environment for O-Calc Pro Plugins


O-Calc Pro Report – “My First Report”

The default O-Calc Pro Report template will create a simple report with default header and a single table of pole capacity utilization values.  Below are some explanations of the various code components of this simple report example.

Units Conversion

O-Calc Pro provides a complete set of routines for performing all of the units conversion that might be required by O-Calc developers.

Batch Pole Operations in Scripts and Plugins

When creating O-Calc scripts and plugins it is often the case that the developer / user would like to be able to perform operations on a large number of poles in a batch operation, perhaps as an un-attended operation. The O-Calc scripting and plugins API provides a convenient way to allow this to b.