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T&D Grid Resiliency Products

From pole top to below ground line, our products help you achieve grid resiliency. Osmose develops and sells a variety of products designed to protect, preserve, repair, and restore your T&D structures and their attachments.

Osmose makes significant research and development investments to create new products that enhance services provided. Osmose, in fact, began its corporate life as a product manufacturer.  Osmose started as a company in 1943 with a single wood preservative patent and now has 39 patents awarded and pending for products ranging from environmentally-conscious wood preservatives and fumigants to trusses which restore strength and extend the useful lives of wood and steel structures. 


osmofumeRemedial Treatments

More than 125 million wood poles support the delivery of electricity, internet service, and telecommunications in America.  Without remedial treatments, these critical assets will weaken until they require replacement or fail.  Osmose preservatives help maintain the resiliency of your system by preventing strength loss caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects.

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Pole Restoration ProductsPole Restoration Products

Osmose pole restoration products are designed to restore poles weakened by decay or other damage so that they meet or exceed NESC, GO95, or other structural strength requirements.  Pole restoration is often one-fourth or less of the cost of pole replacement.  A successful program can save a utility millions of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs and provide many more years of service life to older, weakened poles.  

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Pole ProtectionPole Protection Products

The pole plant is one of a utility's single largest investments.  Osmose is committed to providing pole owners with cost-effective, reliable products designed to protect this major investment from damage caused by animals, vehicles, fire, weathering, and other elements.

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