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Preservative Pastes

Preservative pastes and pole bandages are designed to protect the outer shell of in-service utility poles from fungal decay and insect attack.

Pastes are applied to the pole by brush.  Brush-on application allows the treatment to be properly applied to irregular surfaces, which are often present in older in-service poles after external decay has been removed, around obstructions such as conduits, and to poles set in uneven terrain.

MP500-EXT® Preservative Paste

MP500-EXT delivers broad-spectrum control of wood-destroying decay fungi with an improved environmental profile when compared to other preservative pastes. This unique formulation provides robust preservative protection while utilizing technology that is responsive to today's regulatory, safety, and environmental concerns.

MP500-EXT's active ingredients were selected and formulated based on Osmose's preservative development experience and expertise. The borax provides fast-acting penetration to control decay fungi internally while the micronized copper carbonate protects against soft rot fungi on the surface of the pole.

MP500-EXT is designed to set a new standard for preservative pastes by combining effective decay control with reduced toxicity and environmental concerns. MP500-EXT has the lowest toxicity profile of all registered external remedial preservative coatings.  It carries an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment and is the only 100% solvent-free remedial preservative paste on the market.

Benefits of MP500-EXT

  • Enhanced performance - borax provides fast-acting penetration to control decay fungi internally while the micronized copper carbonate protects the surface of the pole from soft rot fungi
  • Lasting protection - the improved leach resistance of the micronized copper creates a reservoir effect which means the copper remains in reserve until it is needed to protect the pole, at which point it solubilizes and enters the biological breakdown cycle
  • Improved environmental profile - the waterborne formulation contains no petroleum and non-detectable VOCs
  • Has the lowest toxicity profile of any registered paste
  • Carries an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment   

Pole Bandages 

Bandages are viewed by some as easier to use, cleaner and less time consuming to apply. 

Pole WrapTM Preservative Bandage

Pole Wrap CB is a highly-effective preservative bandage designed to protect poles against decay at the critical groundline area. Pole Wrap contains water soluble boron and copper. The boron penetrates deeply into the wood while the copper protects the outer surface. Pole Wrap's unique design makes it a dry, clean, easy-to-use bandage.  Recommended uses include:

  • Relocated or reused poles
  • New poles, especially those set in pavement
  • Poles set in locations vulnerable to decay
  • High-value installations
  • Standing poles that have the groundline disturbed by grading or underground installations
  • Poles stored for six months or more

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Learn more about preservative pastes and bandage treatments in "Extending Wood Pole Service Life with Remedial Preservatives," an article published by Utility Products magazine in September 2012.