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Internal Preservative Treatments

Hollow Heart® CB Concentrate (liquid internal treatment)

Hollow Heart CB concentrate contains a combination of copper and boron that provide deep, long lasting protection against decay.  Diluted with water, Hollow Heart CB becomes a 5.84% copper (2% copper as metal) and 5.0% boron solution designed to be applied by internal injection, brush, or spray. 

Hollow Heart CB holds an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment. This distinguished validation confirms that Hollow Heaert CB exhibits volatile organic compound (VOC) content below the limits defined by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for the wood preservative category of SCAQMD Rule 1113. Hollow Heart CB is the only liquid internal treatment that carries this distinguished validation. With a VOC level well below 350, Hollow Heart CB also complies with Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) Rule 442.  


Bor8 Rods (solid rods)

These glass-like solid rods contain 96.65% water diffusible borate wood preservative. Borate-based wood preservatives are recognized as being highly diffusible and known for their ability to help control wood destroying fungi and insects.  When the wood moisture content approaches levels thought to support decay - about 25% - Bor8 Rods will dissolve and diffuse following the path of moisture to provide a pattern of protection against future decay.  


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