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Substation Structure Services

Substation and switchyard structures support some of the most important, expensive, and difficult-to-replace equipment on the grid.

Even though most substation structures are mounted on concrete foundations, they can still collect water and debris internally. Water and contaminants can create conditions that support hidden internal corrosion activity. Unfortunately, in these instances, the corrosion isn’t apparent until it can be observed on the exterior surfaces when significant damage has already occurred. Osmose can use advanced inspection technologies to proactively detect these hidden conditions.

When damage and corrosion are found on substation structures, Osmose can provide turnkey structure restorations and corrosion mitigation solutions.

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Advanced Assessment Options

Osmose has adapted advanced inspection technologies to find hidden conditions that might otherwise go detected:

  • Ultrasonic Measurements
  • Structural Thermography
  • Internal Borescope
  • Overhead Thermography
  • Grounding Condition Assessment 

Structure Restoration and Corrosion Mitigation

In many cases, just identifying structures in poor condition isn’t enough, and restoration of the structure or mitigation of corrosion is required. Osmose can provide both restoration and mitigation services to address almost any issue affecting steel or concrete.

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