Mapping & Asset Verification

Utilities rely on Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, outage management and work management systems, and other engineering packages to support daily operations.  These powerful analysis and decision support tools share one common trait – the need for highly accurate, connected data that describe their electrical network in great detail.

The current data needs of utilities’ smart grid initiatives are putting an unprecedented demand on the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of this data.  Osmose specializes in specifying and implementing cost-effective approaches to converting, collecting, and maintaining this information.

Let Osmose help you assess, collect, and maintain the data you need to run your networks safely and reliably.

Osmose has been providing solutions to our customers’ asset management and field inventory needs for over 20 years.  We incorporate highly skilled technical field and GIS staff who safely and accurately execute a range of simple to complex field initiatives to assist customers’ mapping, inventory, and data objectives.  Osmose utilizes experienced resources to accurately capture structure and equipment location and attribute information for utility assets to help customers improve the accuracy and completeness of their GIS, design, and other operational support systems.  The technology we use supports bringing customer data to the field to perform both verification and supplemental collection of additional data.  Our data deliverables will improve reliability, design, billing, mapping, as well as increased confidence in load studies and reporting.

Highlights of our core offerings include:

  • Geospatially locate overhead and underground structures and assets
  • Tagging of assets to simplify cataloging
  • Capture attribute collection of structures and electrical facilities
  • Visually identifying violations or damaged equipment and creating work requests
  • Deliverables that can be easily integrated with a variety of utility target systems

Streetlight Audits

Our streetlight audits are performed to support reconciliation of a GIS dataset and update billing records, as well as identify potential candidates for required maintenance.  As part of a typical audit, Osmose will capture the streetlight number, GPS location, condition, nearest address, material, fixture type, wattage, and head style.  While at the structure, we can also capture additional data attributes, fix a pole number tag to the structure, as well as collect digital imagery.

The field technology utilized for these audits supports taking customer data to the field for verification.  Data that is captured is compiled into a data deliverable that can be seamlessly uploaded into your streetlight database or GIS application.

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