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Optimize Your Structural Asset Management

With 90 years of expertise helping electric utilities, Osmose brings unmatched capabilities to structural asset optimization - balancing safety, resilience, reliability, lifespan, and costs. Our comprehensive asset management solutions leverage vast data and incisive analytics to optimally prioritize life extension, upgrades, and system hardening for both transmission and distribution structures. This data-driven approach strengthens grid infrastructure while maximizing value.


Data plus analysis plus experience allows us to craft the optimal program for you.  Osmose maintains the electric utility sector’s largest repository of structural asset data.  That, plus sophisticated analytics matched with deep field experience, enables our customers to pursue data-informed investment strategies, extracting maximum value from assets over their lifetime. Our extensive experience with wood and steel utility assets, including conducting structural assessments and gathering asset data, is unmatched. Recent studies show optimized life extension cuts pole failures by 70% during major storms.

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Osmolytics: Osmose has invented many analytics tools to identify and execute the optimal, data-informed structural asset management program for each utility.  For example, our Osmolytics® application uses data from our national database to help utilities manage the longevity and performance of their structural assets under various scenarios. Learn more about analytics tools like Osmose’s Osmolytics help utilities make optimal asset management decisions.


Central to asset optimization is proper prioritization: directing limited budgets to the right assets and projects which deliver the highest returns across competing priorities of safety, resilience, and reliability. Osmose analytics combine 50 million asset records with 90 years of engineering expertise and powerful analytics tools to ensure the most effective sequencing of activities.

O-Calc Pro: Osmose’s O-Calc® Pro is the industry leading pole analysis solution – equipping structural asset managers to make better-informed asset prioritization decisions. It features an advanced user-interface and calculation tools to model and analyze pole structures and to simulate pole performance under various weather scenarios. O-Calc Pro also provides various solutions to harden at risk structures – helping to make a more resilient grid. Learn more about Osmose’s O-Calc Pro solution helps utilities to better prioritize assets and management approaches.

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SteelCalc®: Osmose's SteelCalc tool is a proprietary field screening tool specifically designed to enhance precision in assessing the structural health of steel towers and poles. It integrates various factors such as structure geometry, load capacity, geographical location, and potential for corrosion or mechanical damage, thus aiding in risk reduction and optimizing maintenance budget. Learn more about SteelCalc’s impact on structural asset management.

Note: SteelCalc is used exclusively by Osmose in support of its Resiliency Services and is not a commercially available software product.



An optimized structural asset management program is a financially-savvy one.  Bringing a modern financial decision-making framework to life extension and replacement decisions can yield huge improvements in financial predictability and lower overall ownership costs.  While industry regulation can make the analysis of certain types of expenditures more complex, Osmose has worked with a variety of industry experts to bring best practices to life through a set of simple analytical tools.  Osmose tools and expertise help utilities demonstrate the life extension benefits of an optimized structural asset management program so that they may use CAPEX dollars to fund these essential programs.

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Smarter Asset Economics: Effectively managing the financial aspect of grid structural assets requires a shift in thinking — from replacement to restoration and from operations and maintenance (O&M) to capital spending. To ensure the physical resilience, reliability, and safety of your grid structures, you need an agile, resilient approach to funding their care.  That requires support from experts whose dedicated job it is to develop financial flexibility options for grid infrastructure. Learn more about how Osmose supports utilities in their efforts to use CAPEX to fund the smartest structural asset management initiatives.

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