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Asset Science and Precision for Structural Resilience  

Osmose structural Resiliency as a Service (RAAS)® begins with the industry’s most advanced intelligence for pinpointing structural health challenges and prioritizing the use of materials, methods, and utility capital to harden the most at-risk structural assets.  

  • Science – Innovation is art and science. Our asset engineers continuously create pragmatic, vetted innovations in asset management materials, processes, and products to ensure the resilient longevity of essential grid structures. From digital assessment and data capture tools to advanced trussing products and remedial preservative treatments, Osmose is constantly advancing grid asset science in the interests of greater structural resilience. 
  • Precision – Data-driven, risk-informed intelligence leads to smarter decisions. Equipped with the most current, extensive data about grid assets, our structural engineers have all the facts needed to predict system vulnerability and provide prescriptive planning advice.  Our vast data repository is fed by digital innovation that lets us progressively zoom into your structural asset details through four “lenses” to deliver fact-based resilience recommendations and then execute in the field

Four Lenses for Precise Resilience Analysis 

1. Osmolytics® for Financial and High-Level Simulation

  • Using our unique analytics solution fueled by the largest repository of utility structure asset data, we examine the distribution of your grid structures by age and risk scenarios and geospatial asset views, too. 
  • We provide a view of your current structural resilience investment scenario relative to the optimal approach.

2. O-Calc® Pro for Pole Plant Modeling | Load Screening

  • Using the power of our O-Calc Pro structural calculation engine and extensive programming libraries, we simulate extreme weather events to demonstrate which of your assets may be most at risk.  This is done using your asset data/information without any field visits through a process called Data-Driven Load Screening™. 
  • We provide you with a summary of structures at risk due to extreme weather events as well as recommended system hardening solutions or replacement designs.  


3. OsmoVision® Enabled Pole Loading Analysis for Critical Infrastructure 

  • For deeper risk identification and validation, OsmoVision is a turnkey data acquisition and processing solution which leverages state-of-the-art data capture and visualization technology to improve the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of resilience analysis and modeling.  
  • We create and help to evaluate digital twins of your structural assets to support various engineering use cases with greater accuracy, efficiency, and lower cost.

4. O-Cap for Full Storm Analysis 

  • Using the power of the advanced O-Cap capacity analysis software for soil modeling, structural algorithms, and animation capabilities, we simulate extreme environmental events that demonstrate plant, circuit, and structure-level failure modes and hardening solutions. 
  • This is accomplished using models generated by our unique analytics technology which allows us to provide full storm analysis scenario planning.