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Power Cable System Reliability and Longevity

Wednesday, August 14, 2024 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. EDT

Our webinars are eligible for IEEE PDH credit. To qualify, you must attend the webinar live and complete the IEEE evaluation we will provide following the event.


Did you know 40% of newly installed cable systems have at least one substandard component?  Did you know that most installers cannot identify the 10 root cause categories of cable system defects, over 98% of these defects will pass common commissioning tests and most will not fail for years or decades and once a defect fails, an aged cable system is ten times more likely to fail again?  Insight into empirical evidence and lessons learned after profiling hundreds of thousands of installed 5kV to 500kV class cable systems and performing thousands of dissections and root cause analyses will provide clarity as to the origins of solid dielectric cable system failure and provide numerous best practices for life-cycle excellence including; product design, product selection, system design, installation practices, commissioning, system operation, assessment of aging infrastructure, and repair and replacement strategies. Case studies will demonstrate that implementing a strategy including: targeted, life-cycle capital investment practices across multiple utility-scale systems has driven dramatic reductions in O&M while improving safety, reliability, and the ROI of underground distribution systems.

In this webinar, we will cover how cable systems fail, fundamentals, case studies, and best practice recommendations.

 Learning goals:

  • How power cable systems fail 
  • Specifying quality products, installation, and testing practices
  • Educating installers on proper installation techniques 
  • Verifying correct installation  
  • Limiting damage caused by extreme operating conditions
  • Determining the condition of aging assets
  • Building a capital investment vs. O&M displacement ROI model
  • Deciding how and when to repair or replace assets

About the Presenter:

Ben Lanz - Director Solutions Consulting, Underground Division

With over 30 years in the electric power and energy industry, Ben Lanz is responsible for Osmose technical outreach and education efforts and is the immediate past Chairman of the Board of the Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative (, a nonprofit dedicated to disseminating grid investment best practices. He is a senior member of IEEE PES and ICC, and a voting member of DEIS, IAS, ACP, CIGRE & NETA. He has chaired IEEE technical committees associated with power system reliability, protection, and testing, has published over 100 papers, articles and technical conference contributions on the subjects of power system reliability, asset management, design, work practices, longevity and diagnostics, and is a regular guest speaker at numerous conferences and seminars.