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Pole Pulling

Double Wood Management

Many pole owners struggle with managing their double wood pole population. When a pole owner replaces a pole, all attachments (belonging to the pole owner as well as third parties) and equipment must be transferred to the new pole.​

Why Should Double Wood Poles be Removed?

  • Double poles and otherwise stranded poles create additional
    safety concerns for workers and the general public
  •  They are unsightly and may cause unnecessary customer
  • Some states have laws requiring pole removal within a certain

Osmose can help pole owners address these challenges by acting as a single-service provider to identify, manage, and reduce double wood pole backlog by:

  • Identifying double wood and otherwise stranded pole conditions
    that exist in the field and the status of pending transfers
  • Coordinating transfer requests
  • Coordinating construction, managing the pole removal process
  • Construction invoicing and notification ticket closeout
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