Pole Loading Analysis

Structural analysis is a prerequisite for many design initiatives.  Accurate pole loading calculations are important when reporting to regulatory bodies for compliance purposes, determining the impact of additional attachments, or designing pole replacements.  Pole owners often lack the resources to provide in-depth analysis of structures for planning and design projects.  Osmose's pole loading analysis services allow you to:

  • Augment your existing pole loading expertise and resources
  • Meet regulatory requirements for pole loading (related to storms, wind, fires, and hurricanes)
  • Ensure your load calculations are accurate to support proper design
  • Incorporate pole loading as part of the third party application process
  • Provide best-in-class pole loading software (O-CalcPro) and training to ensure results are seamlessly integrated with your existing systems

To learn more, call your local Osmose professional.  Not sure who your local professional is?  Email poleinfo@osmose.com to find out.