Overhead Inspection

Utilities are continuously challenged to improve network reliability and pre-emptively identify and remediate issues associated with critical assets before they fail.  To achieve this objective, utilities focus on establishing effective reliability improvement strategies that include the ability to identify risks and potential problems, prioritize issues, and initiate identified remedies in a timely manner.

Osmose provides services that help grid operators maintain their network, meet compliance requirements, and support critical reliability improvement initiatives through targeted inspections, inventories, and remedial structural engineering solutions including:

  • GIS mapping and asset verification
  • Streetlight audits
  • Overhead and underground safety and compliance inspections (NESC and GO165/95)
  • Infrared inspections

Osmose provides its clients with cost-effective and reliable asset management solutions using: 

  • Leading technology
  • Comprehensive data collection and inspection tools
  • Detailed reporting and online visualization tools help to deliver insights into point of risk and help target and prioritize needed maintenance and repair

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