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Essential Selection: How To Identify the Best Grid Partner

Taking care of grid structures is a mission-critical matter. Grid resilience is the foundation of a utility’s business, impacting reliability and, in turn, the effectiveness of the entire company. Much depends on how these assets are managed. So, when hiring outside services to assist in asset management, utilities must be vigilant about who they select as their partner. This four-part Essential Selection Series includes white papers on key factors to be considered when evaluating an infrastructure partner.

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Part 1: The Secret is in the People

Do you know the people in the field who will be inspecting and evaluating your grid foundation assets on a day-to-day basis? Confirm their credibility for the care and evaluation of your critical assets by asking these questions.

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Part 2: Why Utilities and Telcos Should Look to External Partners for Operational Innovation

Utility executives are leaving significant opportunities and financial benefits on the table if they fail to consider other factors. In choosing a partner, power utilities and telcos should look for providers that deliver value in the area of operational innovation for grid asset management.

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Part 3: Risk - Managing Both the Known and the Unknown

Knowing the integrity of at-risk structures is an essential first step in determining appropriate interventions to extend the useful life of utility poles, towers, and underground vaults.
Here are four key domains for which utility owners should grade the risk intelligence of potential service partners.

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Part 4: Four Elements of Smart Asset Economics

Utilities require not just the field smarts of an experienced asset management partner, but also the financial acumen. Learn more about these often-overlooked assets that can lead to utility success and why utilities might want to rethink the way they evaluate and select infrastructure service partners.