Wood Pole Restoration

Through the course of inspection, Osmose finds hundreds of thousands of utility poles annually nationwide needing restoration or replacement. Of those types of poles found during inspection, as many as half are not addressed through restoration or replacement within a year of identification. Restorable poles requiring action but not yet addressed are considered restorable backlog, and if addressed by only replacing these poles, they can put an undue strain on a utility. Utilities not fully utilizing restoration as a robust long-term alternative to pole replacement can find themselves overwhelmed by the cost, labor, and time required for replacement work needed to mitigate structural risk on their grid.

Weekly, a training pole restoration crew can effectively restore over ten times more poles than a crew replacing poles, allowing more risk to be removed from the grid faster, and alleviating the backlog in a much shorter time frame for a fraction of the cost.

Osmose pole restoration systems provide reliable, long-term solutions for extending service life. Osmose restoration systems:

  • Restore poles to code-mandated strength
  • Add decades of service life
  • Save you money - pole restoration is often one-third or less than the cost of replacement
  • Improve structural resiliency of the grid
  • Help you avoid the hassle of replacement, which includes change-outs, transfers, double wood, and service interruptions






As a world leader in wood pole inspection and restoration, Osmose technicians are experts at evaluating a pole’s remaining strength and suitability for restoration.

This includes using preservatives to control decay and protect the remaining serviceable wood to ensure the longevity of the newly-restored pole and the overall integrity of your plant.

Pole Restoration Brochure