Steel & Concrete Repairs

Deteriorating transmission structures pose a significant safety and reliability risk.  These high-dollar assets can be repaired at a fraction of the replacement cost.  As a result of our extensive experience evaluating and repairing steel towers, Osmose has developed a programmatic process that saves utilities time and money.  We provide engineered repair solutions for damaged steel towers and poles, whether secured by a concrete foundation or direct-buried in soil or water.  Our repair solutions restore original strength and can even increase capacity when greater strength is required.

Structural Steel Repair (designed and implemented to ASCE10 specifications)

  • Corrosion rehabilitation to restore original strength
  • Structure is temporarily supported during repair; lines remain in service
  • Structural uprates

Concrete Foundation Repair (designed and implemented to ACI standards)
  • Concrete repair or replacement
  • Capacity increases

For more information on steel and concrete repairs, please contact Nate Cecil at 404-721-5108 or [email protected]

Safety First


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