Osmose Sales Collateral

Looking for more information on Osmose services or products?  Click on the services and product below to access the corresponding brochure, sell sheet, or product bulletin.  And as always, we welcome you to contact your local Osmose professional or our products department ([email protected] or 770.632.6700 opt. 3).  

Analysis & Design Services (pole loading, make-ready design, etc.)

Animal Guard II

AquaWrap & OsmoWeld (above-ground pole repair systems)

Barrier Protection

Bor8 Rods


C-Truss / C2-Truss brochure (pole restoration)

DCT (data collection software)

ET-Truss brochure (pole upgrading)

Environmental brochure 


Guy Markers

Hollow Heart CB

Infrared Inspection


MITC-FUME (solid-melt wood fumigant)

MP500-EXT (remedial preservative paste)

O-Calc Pro (structural analysis software for utility poles)

O-Calc LE (an extension to O-Calc Pro)

OsmoSet Pole Setting Foam

OsmoWeld MPF

Padmount Maintenance


Pole Inspection & Treatment

Pole Pulling (pole stub removal)

Pole Replacement Design

Pole Restoration

Pole Restoration brochure (C-Truss & C2-Truss)

Pole Topper

Pole Top Protection (CoverCap, CoverCap STF, Pole Topper)

Pole Wrap CB

Signs & Tags

SquirrelGuard (cable protection)

Steel Pole & Tower Assessment & Remediation brochure

Steel Structure Inspection & Restoration

Storm Response


Safety First


Due to the hot and wet summer, we have seen increased populations of biting bugs and stinging insects.  Click here to learn how to prevent bites and stings.

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